As the year draws to an end we have finally updated our website in readiness for 2017. We have added some case studies, got with the program on Facebook and Instagram and started a blog. You could say we were behind the eight ball but maybe it also shows how busy we’ve been this year and only now do we have a chance to get on top of the “to do” list.

So moving into 2017 we are looking forward to posting regularly and being a bit more social.

I’d like to use this blog, linked to our website, to focus on “service”.  Service has always been a passion of mine since my early days in hospitality and not a day goes by when I am either left in disbelief by the lack of service offered in our industry, or pleasantly surprised because someone finally got it.

We’d love to hear about your experiences, past or present, and any ideas that we can work on together to up the anti a little and remind people that we are in a service industry.

We recently held an event at a venue where my disbelief was once again brought into play – a lovely venue, with a great deal of business coming through the door. Can I just send out a warning that there are many people currently talking about the attitude of certain people at the venue, and that many of us, from various companies, are wondering how this attitude can take place. Surely in the longer term it will damage the reputation of the venue. We are all trying to work together to produce amazing events and the delivery from the venue and its staff – in both the preproduction and the onsite phase – is a key part of making these events successful.

You’d be surprised how much bad service might be damaging your product and it takes a long time to turn a bad reputation around. You’d also be surprised how big a part event companies play in promoting venues to their clients – our clients will never question our recommendations as we have built up trust over all the years we have been working with them.

So no matter how stressed, tired or overworked you might be, keep smiling and hit the wall when you get home.

Our mantra is to treat every client as if they are our only one – never take them for granted – after all, they are the reason we all get to work in this amazing industry and go to work every day.

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