I have a problem.

I’m a perfectionist.


That leads to judgement.

And sometimes that stops me seeing the positives.

So at the recent AIME event, I went with an open mind.

To focus on the positives.


So we can create better solutions.

Better conferences.

Inspiring events.

This is what I discovered.

Connecting with talented people in your industry is vital

I bumped into him. Hadn’t seen him in years.

And I’d forgotten what a true professional he is. Instantly I regretted we hadn’t caught up more often.

Our conversation was insightful and memorable.

Ideas flowed.

I realised I had neglected to spend time with others who could inspire me.

Email isn’t enough.

Skype isn’t enough.

Social Media isn’t enough.

Take the time to catch up in real life. That’s how you build relationships and learn from your peers.

Find speakers that inspire

I sat in the front row.

I instantly regretted it.


Because my next scheduled appointment required me leaving early but I didn’t want to go.

Leaving during any performance can be taken the wrong way. I didn’t want to give that impression.

They were good. Inspiring.

Saxtons Speakers Agency had done great job of putting together some of the finest people I’d seen in a long time.

Who were they?

Sam Bloom who told the inspiring story of life after a near fatal fall that left her paralysed and deeply depressed.

With the unstoppable love and help from her family and a magpie called “Penguin” Sam managed to bring joy back into her life.

Read the story and see the amazing photography in the book “Penguin Bloom”.

Dr Jordan Nguyen who has changed the world by creating mind-controlled technology.

Jules Allen – the tireless youth advocate and standout TEDx presenter, who opened my eyes to the true meaning of resilence.

Not only did these people inspire me, I have no doubt they will inspire many more people out there. I am excited that I will be recommending them and many other new speakers I heard.

Creativity is the essence of a great conference

Ever been to a conference where there’s just suits and ties?

Slides that make make your eyes water, facts and figures that bore you to tears and acronyms that no-one understands.

Creativity is what makes the difference.

Here’s what I had a taste of. It opened my mind to new possibilities.

C2, the Montreal sensation is coming to Melbourne in October.

Founded in 2011 by Cirque Du Soleil and Sid Lee, C2 is a group that focuses on bringing together the creative arts and business in order to foster the development of creative ideas.

Ever taken your kids to a ball pit? The ones with thousands of coloured balls.

The C2 team grabbed 8 of us, immersed us in the pit and taught us some important life lessons:

  • Handling stress.
  • Coping with reactions.
  • Teamwork

Could your next event do with a ball pit?

Often we judge people by how they look.

What if you couldn’t see them? Only hear their voice.

C2 put us in a dark room where conversations occurred and visual judgement was suspended. Was I sitting next to CEO of a Global International Company, or was I sitting next to a new grad entering our industry?

It didn’t matter.

Conversations flowed.

Paradigms challenged.

I can’t wait to get down to Melbourne in October to experience everything that is C2, and to inject some new and exciting ideas into our client’s events.

It was a great event. I attended with an open mind, was willing to be inspired and wanted to learn.

Do the same and you may find Inspiration Creativity and Connection show up.


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