We’ve all had that brain block. You know, when you stare blankly at a screen or into the air, waiting for that great inspirational idea to come. The one that will make your next event pitch a standout – the one that wins you that next piece of business. Inspiration comes from other people and other events. So look out for these in every moment of your day and take the elements to turn into your own inspiration. Here’s some great ways to find some inspiration for your events;

1. Festivals

Festival organisers search far and wide to recruit the best talent they can find. Not only are they talented but the variety on offer is huge, with something appealing for everyone. Families young and old, groups of friends, party goers, wine sippers – the audience is so varied that the talent has to follow suit. Grab their cards, buy their music or just sit and chat. Your database of talent will soon build. You’ll make great connections and no doubt be meeting up again at one of your own future events.

2. Theatre and Concerts

The stage design, the talent, the storylines. Live elements introduced to a standard conference can turn your event around. Humans generally like to interact with each other – it breaks down barriers and is a great way to share ideas. Imparting stories and experiences with the help of a Director is how actors often start preparing for a play. They improvise, they communicate in non-verbal ways, they pull on experiences that help them in the roles they play in the theatre. It’s a creative environment – it may just help you think outside of the square.

Great use of lighting and audio is often integrated into theatre shows, offering emotional connection to the situation. Ensure you translate these touchpoints to your events, as engaging people through all their senses – not just through one or two – will bring the entire experience to life and will touch their souls.

3. Wander your City

Walk to the end of your street, hop on a bus, light rail or train and start to look out the window. Observe. Take notes. Take photos. Everywhere you will see something new and original. It may be the design of a new park bench, the graphic design of an advertising campaign or the clever use of lighting in the window of a retail store. It’ll be what people are wearing or what new installation has been put into one of the major tourist areas. It’ll be the way a food stall is set up or a pop-up experiential area promoting a product in a new, innovative way. Soak it in and get the creative juices flowing as to how these ideas can be translated into your next event.

4. Go to your Local Markets

As you flick through the pages of the latest gift catalogue or scroll endlessly on the internet looking for new ideas, why not head up to your closest markets on the weekend. There you will find beautiful gift ideas, many locally made and sustainable, to consider as the next gift for your next incentive group. Local artisans are always willing to discuss lowering price for quantity, customising something special or developing something new to fit your brief.

The plant seller is a great source of plants and foliage for an event and a lot cheaper than a florist. Of course, florists can’t be replaced, however if you have a simple theming concept that needs to be fulfilled in a cost effective manner, tap into this green thumbed person to help you put your vision together.

And don’t forget the pop-up food stalls as possibilities for the next occasion.

Better still, if you are planning on creating your own market scenario at an event – great for international and interstate guests that don’t have time to attend the markets while in the destination – then introduce yourself and get the contacts of all the stalls you like.

When we recreated the famous Salamanca Markets inside the Town Hall in Hobart, Tasmania, – giving the guests their own vouchers to spend – the atmosphere created was no less than the real thing and the concept so greatly appreciated by the guests. Keep it local, keep it fresh and support the community you have stepped in to.

5. Explore the foodie quarters in your City

We all know the service of food is no longer just about the ingredients on a plate. It’s about the entire experience and blending it in with its surroundings. Take “The Grounds” in Alexandria. Offering a huge variety of creative dining options, its design is woven through a spectacular labyrinth of spaces, integrating nature and transforming this urban suburb into a secret wonderland of foodie and retail treats. Their presentation setups are fun and original. Don’t steal the ideas – just use them to get your own ones generated.

So although the likes of Pinterest, magazines, movies and limitless photos on the internet will help you develop existing ideas, take advantage of your own city and what’s on offer to generate new and exciting ideas to make your events relevant and on trend.

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