Case Studies

­­­NAIDOC National Awards and Ball

As the most highly recognised Award programme for the Indigenous Community, this Government directed evening brings together a list of dignitaries, celebrities, Indigenous talent and high achievers for services to the community that reads like a Who’s Who of Australia.

The event includes multiple dance troupes, bands and performers, two MCs, ten award categories and plenty of video rolls.

The stage set consisted of a large cyclorama which was used for floor to ceiling image projection of stunning landscape imagery, and the use of the D3 Blend and Switching System allowed us to incorporate the content and image magnification into the same surface.

Having various stakeholders involved with the event, including the National NAIDOC Committee, this event brings to our own business a sense of learning and culture that we have always enjoyed and respected.

This event also involves close liaison with NiTV, and our deep understanding of production means this event can work successfully as a live and broadcast event, something that is not always easy to achieve. The mutual respect ensures we can work together as a team to ensure the end result is successful for everyone.

Canada Corroboree Roadshow

Canada Corroboree is an annual roadshow held in the major Australian cities targeting travel agents, tour operators, wholesalers & media. It is an opportunity to present to audiences ranging from 350 – 150pax in each city, highlighting the amazing experiences and products Canadian destinations have on offer.

The evening events incorporate an exhibition with approximately 40 exhibitors – allowing ‘one on one’ time for the travel agents – and a main stage presentation with 18 Canadian participants all having their time to impart their product information.

As an annual event, our main challenge is to “change it up” each time and with many of the audience attending every year, making the experience different in a fun, engaging and memorable way is imperative. The creativity we inject is of key importance.

For this year the theme developed was “Get Smart About Canada”. Our host, Maxwell Smart, took the audience on a journey of intrigue and espionage to discover how each “operative” could Get Smart about this wonderful location. Incorporating video material – shot on trains, planes and automobiles, across rocky mountains, canyons and showfields – as well as live presentations from those who took on characters ranging from Agent 99 to Austin Powers, this entertaining look at Canada meant the audience were taken well away from the boredom and there was no risk of “death by powerpoint” presentations.

To A T Productions, responsible for all logistical, creative and production elements of the project, starts working on the next year’s project as soon as the last has finished. We work closely with our client as well as all presenters and stakeholders to ensure this tourism event is the very best of many on offer within the Industry.

Fujitsu World Tour

Fujitsu World Tour is an annual global ICT event that travels to more than 20 cities worldwide across 5 continents. The event is an opportunity for Fujitsu and its partners to present their latest products and solutions to an international audience of specialists.

Attendees for the event are of the highest level including C-suite decisions makers, key business leaders, IT executives and senior managers. Information is shared to those attending in the form of interactive exhibitions, presentations and expert talks showcasing international thought leadership and innovation.

Working closely with the Fujitsu Australia and NZ marketing team , To A T Productions is responsible for the Production of this key event. Our services include: project management, extensive client communication and reporting, delegate registration, smart phone event app, venue selection and coordination, catering management, exhibition design and build, sponsor engagement and liaision, exhibitor liaison, multiple speaker liaison and management, entertainment management, set design and build, audio visual design and execution, installation and show call.

For the plenary session we introduced a large wide screen with a projection blend as an interactive stage set and back drop. This gave us the ability to incorporate Fujitsu’s brand imagery as changing backgrounds to the main content supporting presenters during the day.

The exhibition was brought to a new level with the use of a brand new European designed booth system. This system allowed us to incorporate bold imagery and branding in a seamless look across the exhibition booths and directional signage. A visual standout of the event.

Fujitsu Cloud Launch

The aim of this event was to inform the invited audience about Fujitsu’s presence in the IT solutions market and educate them about Fujitsu’s storage solutions, Cloud.

The lead time given for this series of three breakfast events was very short – slightly over two months – and this was to do everything from sourcing the right venue for each city, through to registration of all attendees, set design and manufacture and then managing the content delivery.

With such a short lead time, our time management had to be very strong and we were pivotal in driving our client to meet deadlines. We had to be creative with the brief to find the right venues for the set where we used an impactful large cyclorama for background projections, and screens for content. We focused on the atmosphere we could create from when guests arrived at the venue and within our event space. With this back-to-back roadshow, we had to construct two sets and freight them accordingly to the right venues in different cities.

Tensions were high from within the client team as this was such a very important roll-out and we managed all the various personalities with no issues and ensured that everyone was happy with what was happening.

Clients were incredibly pleased with this event to the point that Fujitsu staff who attended in their city wrote to the Fujitsu event team afterwards to say they were proud to be Fujitsu staff that day, because they were so impressed with the professionalism of the event.

Mind and Its Potential Conference

Mind and Its Potential Conference is an annual four-day conference and exhibition for the Vajrayana Institute. Open to the general public, it presents an opportunity to showcase quality speakers, case studies and workshops specialising in the philosophy and nature of the “Mind and Its Potential”.

To A T Productions was responsible for all production elements for the event. Over the course of the event, we managed over 20 suppliers, 40 speakers, 40 volunteers, 10 technical staff, 3 film crews and 2500 delegates. The team ran 3 full-day plenary sessions, 2 pre-conference breakout sessions, 1 exhibition and managed the security and police presence for the duration of the stay of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

The sheer scale of the event meant that dedicated personnel were chosen for specialised tasks backstage, in the operator’s booth and around the centre at any time. It also meant that the finer details and timings of the project were of the utmost importance to the success of the conference as a whole. The scale of this event meant that there was potential to lose control of budgeting, however, by adhering to constraints and processes that form part of our daily business practices we negate any chance of this risk.

Reward and Recognition Event – Client name withheld

This Awards Conference and series of events is the pinnacle of this company’s reward and recognition program in its Business Banking sector. Taking place across 3 days with 5 events, the programme culminates in a Gala Awards Evening, recognising and celebrating success.

To A T Productions delivered the production components for this event. Presenting a varied program in Hobart, Tasmania, with linkage from one night to the next and many surprises along the way, the event was hailed as a great success. To A T Productions was then selected to continue its working relationship with this company in delivering the next year’s event in Queenstown, New Zealand.

We successfully transformed a Hobart Ballroom into a majestic scene of black and white. The stage highlighted with a star studded back drop was the focal point of the room. Blue and magenta uplighting brought a modern feel to the stage and the chandeliers in the room crystalised the look. Bespoke handmade centrepieces, months in the planning, finalised the elegance.

In contrast, the same Awards night the next year was held on the grounds of a private property, where we erected a 1,000sqm glass walled marquee, stunningly framing the mountains of Queenstown and a picturesque scene many had never experienced before.

Entertainment for both these events was varied including a nine person cabaret act flown in from Auckland for the Queenstown event, a series of bagpipers strategically placed around the property and coming together for a dynamic entry and opening, and a seven piece band to celebrate the evening after the formal Awards. In Hobart the entertainment was a high profile singer and band flown from Melbourne, a Master of Ceremonies (MC) and game show host as well as smaller satellite entertainment acts.

To A T Productions continues to work with this client to deliver these events each year.

Like any series of events, it is imperative that the comparisons made from year to year do not focus on “like for like”, but instead focus on the variety and difference of one year’s event to another. This ensures its success, thus generating feelings of pride and motivation for those attending, driving the anticipation for the next year’s event.

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